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On Paul Ryan's Speech

When he spoke to the Republican Convention, why did Paul Ryan try to hide the truth about his signature policy proposal? Perhaps because he knows his plan to end Medicare as we know it to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and businesses that ship American jobs overseas is extreme, dangerous and wrong.

Tens of thousands of residents of my district who are approaching retirement age have spent 30 years or more buying into the Medicare system. They paid in expecting our nation to fulfill its promise and provide them with the Medicare benefits they’ll need once they reach 65. Romney, Ryan and their allies in Congress want to turn that promise into a lie, and replace Medicare for these hardworking Californians with an untested voucher scheme.

My opponent may be proud to stand with a party that has committed itself to breaking one of America’s most sacred promises. I’m proud to oppose that agenda, and to stand firmly on the side of Riverside County families.

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