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Tuesday night, we won a debate about what kind of representation Riverside County deserves in Washington, and in this election, voters chose between two different sets of values, two different sets of priorities - extreme Washington ideology versus common sense Riverside values. And the voters chose to stand with us, and to joins us as we work together to create good-paying jobs, to ensure that college remains affordable and workforce training programs remain available, to honor the service of our veterans, and to make absolutely sure that the guarantee benefit of Medicare is never replaced by Vouchercare.

We also ensured that the one-party dominance of the Inland Empire ended forever.  Come tomorrow, the real work begins - we start anew, tackling our community’s high unemployment rate and we have to win the debate in Congress to ensure that we don’t balance the budget on the backs of the elderly or the middle class, but instead ask the very rich to pay just a little bit more. We must take our turn standing guard to ensure that this nation never forgets the sacrifice of our veterans, never fails to provide young people with the opportunity to get a great education, and never breaks the sacred promises of Social Security or Medicare. I know that we will have struggles to face and obstacles to overcome.

I know that if you stand with me,  we can and will meet the challenges that lie ahead.

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