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Mark's Priorities

Representative Mark Takano supports comprehensive immigration reform to bring the more than 12 million immigrants living in the United States without legal status out of the shadows.

Despite the national recovery, economic growth in Riverside County has been slow to rebound and unemployment remains high. As a teacher and College Board Trustee, Mark Takano has worked to expand local job training programs and job creating local investments like the new medical school at UCR Riverside. Bringing good-paying jobs to Riverside County will be his top priority in Congress.

Mark will fight for tax credits for small businesses that create new jobs and to cut red tape and bureaucracy to make it easier for employers to hire and secure loans.

Mark believes that Congress must do more to help states and local governments keep teachers and public safety personnel on the job. Mark recognizes that Congress must get serious about addressing the budget deficit and the national debt, but not at the risk of our tenuous economic recovery.

Green Jobs
Mark supports job-training and vocational education in our local schools to teach students how to build solar panels, weatherize homes, and perform the jobs of the future. Mark supports grants to community colleges to form partnerships with local businesses, experts, non- profits, and community leaders to allow California to once again become the world leader in renewable energy and jobs of the future. 

Investing in Infrastructure
With interest rates low, and so many in the construction industry out of work, Mark Takano believes it’s time to issue bonds to rebuild our roads, our schools, and our town squares. By doing so, we can lock in low borrowing rates, put Californians back to work, and create an infrastructure of prosperity for years to come. These investments will reduce traffic, improve our system of public education and put local residents back to work. That’s why he’ll make sure Riverside County gets its fair share of funding for renovating school buildings, improving roads, highways and bridges, and moving forward with high speed rail -- funding that will create jobs and improve our community. 

Scientific Innovation
Mark Takano believes California is the high-tech center of the world and we need a business climate that allows medical innovations, scientific breakthroughs, and technological advances to happen right here at home, at places like UC Riverside. Mark is a strong champion for a UC Riverside Medical School, and will fight to make sure we have a patent system that encourages innovation.

Cutting Red Tape
Mark Takano will fight to make it easier for small businesses to succeed by cutting red tape, reducing bureaucracy, and supporting a small business tax credit. MARK supports reforming federal rules to make it easier for small businesses to get federal contracts, instead of just politically connected mega-corporations.

Mark is the only candidate in this race endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

Mark Takano will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security from Republican privatizations plans. These programs are sacred promises our nation has made to its senior citizens, and Mark will work to ensure that they remain strong, fully-funded and ready to serve current and future retirees. Mark will never support any effort to balance the budget on the backs of senior citizens.

As a lifelong teacher, Mark Takano will bring practical knowledge to Washington D.C. about which educational reforms work, and which don’t. He is the only candidate with the knowledge skills and expertise to get the job done for our kids and our communities, by investing in the educational opportunities that strengthen – and expand – our Middle Class. 

For more than 20 years, Mark Takano has worked on the front lines of public education as a teacher at Rialto High School. He recognizes that economic prosperity in the future requires a strong investment in education and workforce training today. Mark supports reforming or ending the Federal mandates of "No Child Left Behind" and a renewed commitment to building an educational system that will prepare Americans to compete in the emerging economy.

At RCC, Mark has expanded local job training programs and worked for job-creating local investments like the new medical school at UC Riverside. 

Mark Takano will support efforts to strengthen elementary science and math education and will encourage partnerships between community colleges, high schools, and industry to create more engaging and challenging classroom instruction. Mark Takano will fight to expand Job Training and Career Technical Education, along the lines of a $500 million allocation, to provide students the resources to train for good-paying jobs earlier and prepare them for the jobs of the future. 

In Congress, Mark Takano will continue to champion investments that create immediate jobs and train our workforce for the jobs of the future. He will work to build a Medical School at UCR and expand job training programs available at local colleges. He will fight to fix our schools and make sure our children are prepared for the jobs of the future. He’ll support projects and investments in our region that will attract and retain good-paying jobs.

Mark Takano believes we owe a debt to those who have defended our nation, and will not allow budget cuts to endanger their access to needed healthcare. 

Mark Takano will stand up for our veterans, including our soldiers returning home from Iraq, and fight to prevent harmful cuts to their benefits.

Mark supports providing tax credits to small businesses that hire veterans and will strongly oppose any cuts to Veteran’s education benefits or Tricare. 

Securing our nation from foreign threats, including terrorism, must be a priority in Washington. Mark Takano recognizes that as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, new strategies will be needed to thwart those who would do us harm. Mark supports reducing the number of nuclear weapons worldwide to keep them out of dangerous hands. He also supports the Administration’s efforts to revise the Foreign Assistance Act to better address modern diplomatic needs.

Mark Takano will stand up against Republican efforts to privatize or defund Medicare, and will fight to make health coverage more affordable for working families. Mark will not allow Republicans to roll back important health care reforms that prevent discrimination against people with preexisting conditions, that allow young adults to remain on their parents' coverage plans, and that protect seniors from the prescription drug coverage "donut hole".

With Riverside County residents suffering some of the worst air quality in the nation, it is imperative that their member of Congress take a stand for cleaner air. Mark Takano supports strong clean air standards and broader use of clean energy resources.

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