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Mark Takano Calls Out Opponent for Standing With Boehner

“Moderate” Republican brings leader of failed Congress to Riverside

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA — Mark Takano, candidate for Congress in the 41st District of California, released the following statement today regarding tomorrow’s fundraising luncheon for Republican John Tavaglione with House Speaker John Boehner: 

“At a time when Riverside County’s economic recovery lags the rest of the nation and we struggle with 12% unemployment, my opponent is sharing the stage with Speaker Boehner, who has stonewalled efforts to pass a jobs bill.

As Riverside seniors worry that the radical plans of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan will turn Medicare into a voucher system, my opponent is touting the endorsement of a Speaker committed to writing the risky Ryan budget into law.

In the wake of Congressman Akin’s disgusting attack against women across this nation, my opponent is taking sides with the Speaker who named Akin the chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee.

It’s time to clean up Congress because Riverside County can’t afford two more years of Speaker Boehner’s failed leadership, and deserves better than a Representative like John Tavaglione who will support Boehner’s failed agenda.

While John Tavaglione has chosen to stand shoulder to shoulder with Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans, I’m standing up for the hardworking families of Riverside County.”

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